Memmory card instead of pc hdd

may possible to use 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, memmory card or usb flash instead of hdd for install windows xp , windows 7, windows 8 or linux ubundu or any other os
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  1. Windows XP and 7: No
    Windows 8: Maybe
    Linux: Yes

    This all assumes that your computer allows the booting off of a memory card, and not all will.
  2. yes if you are on the same hardware , but if your thinking to use that pendrive as portable OS then "NO" .

    Though windows 8 supports portable OS feature . Please google it to confirm .
  3. Okay, so you make it seem as if it's a manufacture's reinstallation. To my knowledge as well I was never sure of a new installation on a pen drive.
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