Best way to set up 120gb SSD and 1tb HDD? Z68 Motherboard

I have a z68 MB and 500GB HDD and would like to upgrade by adding a SSD and larger HDD. I was looking at 120SSD and 1TB HDD and wondered what was the preferred setup?
I was going to keep it simple with a single partition on the SSD, a large primary partition on the HDD and a couple of small partitions (same size as SSD partition) for SSD image backups. Maybe an additional OS partition for the OS on the HDD just in case of a complete SSD failure.

OS (WIN7 Pro 64) on SSD
Programs (MS Office 2010) on SSD
Other programs (Browser, email, misc other) on SSD
User (my documents, my video, my pictures) on HDD
Backups of SSD on HDD
Restore Points on ???
Donwloads on HDD

Can anyone recommend other performance options and their justification with this type of hardware.
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  1. I'd do it like you suggested. You should have plenty of room to leave the retore points on the SSD.

    Just did this last night for someone at work (but he wasn't concerned about the backup of the SSD).
  2. I wouldn't create additional partitions on the SSD nor the HDD. Just use folder for backups, makes you much more flexible, compared to partitions. You can put your restore points our the HDD.
    The other points sounds good.
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