Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler one of the best cpu coolers?

hello i am thinking of making a i5 or 955(for my mum and dad) my dad likes gaming so i am going to make his a gaming pc but i am lost on what cpu cooler to use as bit tech say the

Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler is one of the best out!

but people say the h50-h70 is the best :S

i am useing a coolermaster scout as they are cheap for the sweet looks(+my dad likes it)

so the cpu cooler will need to fit in coolermaster case but what one?

Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler

or h50-h70?
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  1. bit tech is right, the FRIO is a very good cooler
  2. if you could say best i5 and amd 955 that would be nice
  3. H50 and H70 are both over priced imo. The Frio is an excellent cooler if you can find it. What case are you using? Also what RAM?
  4. robin banks uk said:
    if you could say best i5 and amd 955 that would be nice

    the FRIO or Noctua NH D14 whichever you can find the better price on.

    the cooler master 212+ is a great budget cooler but tends to be hard to find & over priced over seas

    Noctua review

    FRIO review
  5. The Frio is an excellent cooler a little on the loud side 50db but that can be adjusted.
    Also note it's 165mm tall so you'll need a case 8.6" wide or more.
    As with any aftermarket cooler select your ram wisely anything over 41mm can be problematic.
  6. So, i guess the CM690 got problem fitting this cooler? Just checked the specs is only 8.38" Wide.
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