Which card is better - geforce 9600gt 1gb ddr2 or 9600gt 512mb ddr3

Hi there. This is my first thread. Am very happy for that i joined tom's hardware website. I hope i will get the best help available.
Now the real deal. I am confused in picking one graphics card. My budget is not that high. The two cards are Geforce 9600gt 1gb ddr2 and 9600gt 512 mb ddr3. I am too confused which one to choose. Here is my pc configuratio and hardwares-
Operating system - windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
Mother board - Gigabyte G41M-ES2L
BIOS - Award Modulator BIOS v6.00PG
Processor - Intel Dual-Core E5400 @ 2.70 GHz
Ram - 2gbx1 800 bus
Built in chipset - Intel(R) G41 express chipset
power supply - 550 W
Monitor - Samsung 18.5 inch
contrast 50000:1
model - 943SWXPLUS.

I will use 1360x768 resulation. I don't know very much about pc. I will play games like mass effect 2 , Crysis 2 etc. So friends please help me which card will i choose. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums :)

    I would say neither card. It's G94 evolved out of G92, which is based on G80 and it's 4 years old technology. What is the amount of your budget exactly? Or if you have no other choice, get the 512MB GDDR3. GDDR2 is horrible for gaming, and the 9600gt won't make full use of the 1GB VRAM
  2. To answer your question, the 9600 GT 512MB GDDR3 would be noticeably faster.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. My budget is under 100 usd. A 9600gt 512 mb ddr3 costs around 90 usd in my country. If u have some other recommendation please tell me. My budget is maximum 100 usd. Thanks again.
  4. Newegg wont' ship to his country.

    Inkiad, what cards are available where you are? Please list them as detailed as possible. Don't forget about listing AMD/ATI cards.
  5. I am living in bangladesh. Here many cards are unavailable. Also the VAT and tax is high in my country. I am listing the cards i know they are available -
    *Nvidia cards*
    1)Gigabyte GV 9500gt 1gb
    2) Gigabyte 9500gt 1gb
    3) Sefaier Ati 4830 HD 512mb
    4) Ati 3450HD 512mb
    5) Ati 4550HD 512mb
    6) XFS express gf 9400gt 1gb
    and the two card i told about. I don't know if 5670 is available. But i will check it out. Also its not possible for me to shop online because the cost would double for the damn tax , vat and custom things. Thanks again guys.
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    Of the cards you listed the 4830 is the fastest, assuming it has the standard specs. If that is to expensive, then I would think the DDR3 9600GT would be next best.
  7. Thanks 45 for your recommendation. Will my computer system support GDDR5 graphics cards ? My system configuration is given at first. And 4830 costs just 50 us dollar here.
  8. you should have no issue with the 4830, it uses similar power to the 9600GT and will run on a PCI-E 1.0 x16 or 2.0 graphic slot.
  9. Best answer selected by Inkiad.
  10. Ok guys i will go with ati 4830HD. Hope it will rock
  11. The 4830 doesn't use DDR5 does it? I think it uses DDR3. Either way it doesn't matter. What memory your GPU uses has nothing to do with what memory your system uses. As long as it plugs into the slot you'll be ok.

    The 4830 is the AMD equivalent of the 8800/9800GT. It won't be a totally awesome card, but it should be enough for most things.
  12. ^ Technically speaking, the HD 4830 is a bit faster than the 9800 GT - the HD 4830 is as fast as the HD 4770 which is faster than the 9800 GT. ^^
  13. U can use any of them as crysis 2 and mass effect 2 works on any of them even in mine nVidia 8400 gs 512 MB

    if u want better than 9800GT will be good for u and for best game play upgrade ur RAM to 4 gb as it will help to reduce
    pressure on ram which will help to make gaming better by reducing graphics or gforce uses
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