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I'm not in the situation to spend some cash so help me out,
I have a widecreen 16:10 at a native res of 1440x900. Its a bit higher for my low-end ati 4350 hd. I want to lower the resolution but there are no correct res where the image doesn't stretch. I need a software kinda solution?
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  1. 1280×800 and 1152×720 are also 16:10 so the image will not be distorted if those are available. If not what you want are the image scaling options in the Catalyst Control Center. Set it to maintain aspect ratio.
  2. 1.I think these are available but i checked all of the settings i think n none wud fit.
    2.are these in the desktop properties section where u set the res n refresh rate etc??

    (actually i'm not at home for a few days so i can't check it right now)
  3. This page explains where the option is located and what the settings do;
  4. unfortunately for me....In GPU scaling, VGA cables are not supported :(
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