Can i use DDR2 Graphics card in i5-750 processor??

Can i use MSI NX8600GT TD512EZ/D2 512MB DDR2 graphics card with 300w power supply in the Intel core i5-750 processor??
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  1. What do you mean in the i5 750? if you are talking about compatibility,then yes you can use a 8600GT in a motherboard with i5 750 CPU
  2. my question was..Do DDR3 processors support DDR2 graphics card??

    the intel core i5-750 processors are with memory types "DDR3" 1066/1333 with 8MB cache,with physical add extensions 32 bit...are they really gonna support this "DDR2" NX8600GT???
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    The memory on your graphics card is only used by the card and is not related to the memory on your motherboard. You can use a card with slower(DDR2) or faster(DDR5) memory, it doesn't matter.
    The 8600GT is quite weak at this point FYI, even at low resolutions. If you want to play current games I would recommend a better card.
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  5. thanks a lot..
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