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I was looking for a new GPU, i've seen some reviews, the max budget 369€, looking for a gaming gpu (need for speeds, crysis, so on), the experience, i've had some experience with nvidia, not so much with ati, however, from mine nvidias break down sooner than ati, however i'm receiving input on both now, i've taken a look at this one:

(look at the discount :D)

and this one:

From my googling, the ati is better, on regular gaming, but the nvidia is better suited for dx11 because it has more tesselator cores, is dx11 gonna be that much of a hit? have any different opinions? Choose only stores that sell to portugal....
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  1. The HD5870 is worth the extra money as its faster in almost all games, produces less heat and uses less power.

    DX11 will be big, but not for awhile, ATi and NVidia would have released new cards by the time DX11 is used alot in games.
  2. how much is a while? i can wait 1 month... more would just be torture :)
  3. I'm talking more like a year
  4. Oh then that's ok... Now, the hardest part, to come up with the money :D
  5. There are already a number of DX11 games(BF:BC2, Metro 2033, Stalker, AvP, ect.)
  6. jyjjy said:
    There are already a number of DX11 games(BF:BC2, Metro 2033, Stalker, AvP, ect.)

    Yes, but they use a small amount of DX11 effects, in some games almost unnoticeable.
  7. I would say they add significantly to all the games I listed, apart from BF:BC2 perhaps.
  8. I would disagree (I guess its a personal thing) I can't see much difference in stalker.
  9. There's tessellation of the character models and some of the environments but keep in mind DX11 also improves the performance of that game a fair amount. It's not all about looks.
  10. Yeah thats true, it does increase performance in Stalker.
  11. I'm still going with the ATi, seems to have the best bang/buck ratio, mostly because of the discount, when it comes to price ranges its gtx470 vs 5850 not 5870, plus the ati has higher clocks speeds, which help on overall graphics processing, not just dx11 specifically, which is what the tesselation unit does...
  12. If you are looking for the best value for the money go for the HD5850. If you get one that allows you to bump up the voltage on the core it can OC a huge amount(about 40%.)
  13. Watch the difference in prices between an overclocked(by factory) 5850 and a sapphire 5870 by 369€, it's almost the same and the 5870 allows me to overclock too, anyways i already bough it so... not much to do now :D

    ps:Nothing prevents me from slapping a new cooling system on her to bring the oc even further, since the version i'm buying doesn't have vapor-x
  14. I would avoid factory OCs. Paying someone else to OC your card for you is just a waste of money. The HD5870 can OC as well but it's stock speed is already 850mhz compared to 725mhz for the HD5850. They both OC to the same levels(usually around 1ghz with a voltage bump) so the OC isn't as impressive percentage wise on the HD5870 compared to the stock settings.
    FYI the vapor-x models do not allow for voltage control of the core so your OC will be a bit limited. I would recommend the ASUS DirectCU HD5850. It's a very nice card. Here is a review;
  15. ok, maybe i didn't make myself clear, i bought this one SAPPHIRE HD5870 1GB GDDR5, it's pretty much stock.... Besides, i really don't like to mess with the voltage, im scared :D
  16. Well the Sapphire card you linked in the original post doesn't let you control the voltage anyway. It should still OC decently on the stock voltage though, likely up near 950mhz.
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