Emachine ET1331g-07w

i recently purchased this emachine, after throwing on a new video card i decided to upgrade to a new cpu. now i shopped around and looked for advice and settled on x2 250 dual core 3.0 ghz am3 socket .. the cpu drops in prefectly but doesnt want to work.. i called athlon and it is not a problem with the video card i have also tried to find bios updates but emachine wants to charge me $$ just to talk to tech support . im curious if anyone else has had this issue with the ET1331g-07w

P.S thers nothing wrong with the processor the first time i thought there was i sent it to athlon (they lost it ) and sent me another new one and still the same issue
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  1. They (eMachines) say that motherboard only supports upto Athlon x2 65w processors of which the 250 certainly is the right wattage but their cpu support doesnt say an athlonII would run so why does it come with one???
    there is a bios on emachines website sated 1-19-2010, if yours is older then I would try to update it, of course this means using the original processor.

    Good luck
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