BIOS update help?

How in the world do i update a BIOS for a asus M4A785-M with a flash drive.
ive got the .ROM file saved on a flash drive.
what next?

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  1. I did this and i dont see a logo when i turn on my computer. Blank screen with no signal.
  2. You may need to enable the 'ezflash' feature in the BIOS... Refer to your board's manual for specifics.
  3. the problem is that there is no BIOS
  4. Do you mean your computer is not bootable?
  5. It starts fine. Everything spins up. Its just that no boot logo is shown. and i cant get into BIOS because my screen is saying no signal
  6. You may have bricked you MOBO. If have your original ASUS CD/DVD see if it has a '<file name>.ROM' file you can either boot off the CD-ROM or use the Flash Drive procedure for CrashFree BIOS 3.

    See ->

    Good Luck! :)
  7. Okay well i have the bios update file
    i dont see anything when i boot.
    so there is no ezflash or anything.
    the screen is blank.
  8. You may try to press ALT+F2 to access EZ Flash shortly after pressing the power button even though nothing is displayed yet.
  9. If you had anything showing-up on the screen prior to your attempt to flash your BIOS and now you don't it's clear that your BIOS is corrupt.

    The ONLY way that I know to salvage a corrupted BIOS on ASUS is the 'ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3' method per the ASUS video I linked.

    Therefore, if your screen is 100% blank and it's not not going through the CD-ROM... & Checking for USB... then it's bricked a/k/a shot, bad, expensive paper weight, etc.

    If your MOBO is under warranty then contact ASUS for a new/replacement MOBO, or if it's less then 30 days old attempt an RMA {return} with the place of purchase :(

    Q - What happened during the process when you were flashing the BIOS?
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