470 sli with ud3r?

Hello, I'm building a new rig, with 2 470's in sli, on the gigabyte ex58a-ud3r mobo.
I've heard that there are other mobo's, such as the Asus P6TD which have better spacing between the pcie's.
will my rig ruin my GPUs, if I game alot, just cause the 2 470s are too close to one another?

I don't intend to overclock it.
no watercooling.
I'll buy the HAF 932 and a core i7 930. PSU is @900W.
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  1. The GTX 470s in SLI should be OK if you're not overclocking.
  2. Thank you...
    Also, if my room temps are high (I live in a warm area, ~33C outside), would it help if I'd put a floor-fan (vent) to blow on the case? :sweat:
  3. I would suggest you select a motherboard with wide PCI-E spacing, the GTX4xx series runs hot anyway and that will not be helped by placing the cards close together-especially in a hot climate.
    Using a floor fan like that can be a help, but the HAF 932 should have more than enough ventilation, even in a very hot climate, just install enough, good quality fans and you should be fine.
  4. which cards have that spacing, except the P6TD?
    Because I read about a few problems with that mobo, and I think it doesn't have SATA III and USB 3 support. (and I think the UD3R does)
  5. Also, I think it's such a funny problem, those cards being so close to one another, thus one card has no space to "breathe" from, sucking all the hot air from the one next to it...
    The GPU companies could've easily solve it, by simply make 2 "versions" of the card, one with the fan facing the right, and one for the left. that way - ppl with sli cards would take left+right, and ppl who don't sli - wouldn't mind much :)
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