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Hey i'm new to Toms Hardware and I have a question if this would work or not. I currently have a AZZA 500 Watt psu inside my desktop and its running fine for a year. It has 3 gigs of mem in it, a 5750 1 gig, and a E7400. Few, near unnoticeable (if any) problems. I was wanting to upgrade to a Q8400, as my mobo has a LGA 775 slot, would the 500 watts be sufficient?
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  1. Yes the PSU will work fine. Does your mobo support Q8400?
  2. Yes, it supports it, at least I think so from my hour of research. My mobo number is 0u880p so i checked it out and it supported a few core 2 duals and core 2 quads, only the 8XXX series for quads, and thats the best one for it. Also the bios update only gave win. 7 support, which i dont need, so im assuming it should work if i put it in.
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    If you have done the research then it should be fine.
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