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Fan mounting - Is this bad?

Hi All,

I have a CM 690 PURE (1 front fan in, 2 fans top exhaust -- My DeepCool IceBerg pro HSF is oriented to exhaust to the top,1 side fan intake) and I just got a new PSU (ThermalTake Toughpower XT 775w). I mounted the psu fan-side up (so it draws air from inside).. I was thinking the side fan I mounted would help bring in fresh air for the cpu and the vga.

Is this setup ok, or should the psu always have fresh air from the bottom of the case?

Thanks in advance! :D
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    A pic of the intakes and exhausts with directions would have been helpful. Though I can only say the the PSU should be mounted the other way round, drawing air from beneath the CM case and throwing it out the back of the case.....
    The HSF for the processor is going to push air over the fins so you need to have it throwing air from the backside of the case towards the front side, so as to not have the warm air rising thru the case keep the fins warm.....
    Front intake and top exhaust is fine.....
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