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I just finished a my first new build, I was just wondering what steps I should take to ensure my computer is running right.. How do I fine tune it? What all test should I run?
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  1. Make sure you have the most recent drivers/AV installed, and then make a windows system image backup.
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    Test your system
    Run Prime95’s Blend Test for at least one hour and use one of the following programs to monitor your temps; Real Temp, SpeedFan or Core Temp. This will help determine if you system is running too hot and is unstable.
    Run 3DMark’s Vantage or 3DMark06 to benchmark your system to see how your new build compares to similar systems.
    Option: Run MemTest86+ for seven passes to check your memory for any possible errors. This isn't required unless you think there might be an issue with your memory.

    Download links for the above programs
    CPUID's Hardware Monitor
    Real Temp - CPU Temperature Monitoring
    Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage (Vista / Win7) or 3DMark06 (XP)

    Have Fun!!
    Install all other Office Programs, Games, Music, Videos… etc. you want to put onto your system at this point
    START HAVING FUN with your successful build and new PC!!''

    Posted by tecmo
  3. no links, but search them on google, I like core temp for my temp stuff
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  5. What happens if it is unstable when you run Prime95? will it shut off on its own?
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