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Hello, Tom's Hardware forum. I am a computer service tech and networking student. Now, I apologize if this is the wrong section, it could be many diff. things. I have a machine in my lab that was riddled with viruses when I got it. Hardware specs: intel q66, nvidia xfx 630i mobo, 4 gb corsair ram, 550 w psu, and a xfx gpu.

Now as to my knowledge the onboard NIC was working fine before the reinstall of XP and removal of the malware. So fresh xpsp3 install on a WD 500 GB green drive drivers installed and NIC installed properly. After the install the machine has not connected to the web once. With dhcp enabled it cannot "talk" to the dhcp server. Alternate ports have been used in the switch which work with other machines. Static ip, was implemented and the NIC shows its connected but cannot reach the web. In the status its showing 100 + packets sent with >10 received. I have tried the winsock fix, tried to change the mac of the nic. All to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.
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  1. It seems like this one machine is actually having an issue with my WRT54G, because I swapped it out with a second one I have and the machine connected instantly.
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