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I have my present hard drive backed up using Windows Backup on an external hard drive. I want to replace the 500gb hard drive in my desktop with a 1tb hard drive.

Could someone explain to me or guide me to information explaining how to transfer the mirror immage from the external hard drive to the newly installed hard drive in my desktop.

I am assuming (i know bad word) after the transfer is complete the new hard drive will be recognized and function on boot as the 500gb drive did.
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  1. Yes. The general approach is below:

    Use the build in system image backup software in Window 7 or use a backup software to make a system image backup and save the system image backup on an external drive.

    Burn a start up disk to boot from.

    Put your new blank HDD in.

    Boot from the start up disk you burn.

    Computer will look for system backup image on USB drive or you can select it (if you have more than 1 copy of backup).

    Select system backup image to reinstall backup system image.

    The restore will be completed after some time and your computer will work just like where you were with the old HDD.
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