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Hi All,
I am about to upgrade my current home server a bit.
basically taking out my 4400+ with 1gb of ddr 400 mem.
I can get a the X2 555 BE and the X4 630 for about the same price under 100 bux.

I am leaning towards the X4 cause in most conditions tested the X4 out performs.
Are there any tests for moving data?
The fact the 555 has L3 cache im thinking it may actually serve files a little faster.
And I can easily run with my 1600mhz mem I have and probably boot CPU at least to 3.6 on air.
But on other hand would I even notice the diff thats why I am wondering if there are any benchmarks
moving data with different platforms.

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  1. Are you running Windows Home Server or some other OS on your home server? Also, keep in mind that adding a faster CPU (more cores) will help with CPU tasks, but will have lesser impact on other system functions. For example, going from 1 core to 2 cores (all other factors being equal), you won't get 200% of your previous performance (overall). You may only see 25-30% (overall). Going with an X2 and 2GB of memory, or more, will do more than just adding a X4 processor. Servers like main memory.
  2. What type of server? I would look at getting something that has a low TDP more then anything else. More so if its just a file server or HTPC. (meaning no gaming.) Those CPUs you listed are fine but are overkill for just a file server. And no one likes to waste electricity.

    I'm sure you already know this, but the 4400+ came in both S939 and AM2 flavors. If you have a S939 which I suspect you do because of the DDR400 RAM then you need a new board to support those AM2 or AM3 chips.
  3. For a home server, you really don't need much.
    5 people uses My Athlon xp 3000+ 1.5 DDR333 for file shares, routing, downloads (its on 24/7). Works perfectly well.

    This machine will work as long as the equipments last becuase unless you live with 15 people, home server functions are very limited (unless of course you are doing something special with it).
  4. Hi Guys thanks for responses.
    The 4400+ i have is a 939 in fact seems to run perfectly well with win home server.
    I also realize i will need a new sysbrd with AM3 socket.
    I am going to purchase a legit copy of Home server currently running an evaluation copy but really dont want to activate it on my old 4400+
    I agree either 555 BE or X4 630 is over kill today but the server will also be used to surf net burn DVD's and CD's as well and eventually for security cams.
    I have 8GB of DDR3 in my gamer Rig and 8GB is over kill so I am planning on taking 4GB out of it and putting in server rather then trying to find another 1GB of DDR 400 mem.

    Maybe I will just see if I can sell the whole thing and rebuild in a smaller case any way.

    PS...I dont care about hydro consumption
    And Yes I do pay for it.
  5. Keep in mind that eventually you'll be doing a lot of stuff, but when you finally do that will you want a slow 630, etc? Or in other words just because you have plans for later doesn't mean you need to buy them now.

    If your going to be doing enough separate tasks, then a quad might make sense. You don't want to start a back (DVD burn) while your kid is streaming music and have the other kid start something else up. (while having an AV scan going, might cause a coaster) The 630 isn't a bad idea, just make sure you really need it.
  6. I'm not sure the 630 is all that slow
    I built my bro a machine with a 635 and I have an i5 750
    I had his machine for a couple of weeks before I gave to him and tested a bunch of stuff....
    av scans burning dvd's encoding vid and tunes.
    CSS hl2 COD2 Battlefield all run great on his X4 too.
    The i5 was faster for pretty much everything but in most cases not even 30 seconds difference.
    I don't believe that my i5 760 is worth 100 bux more then his 635.
    Personally if I would of realized that before I built mine I would of went AMD as well for my gamer.
  7. The longer you leave it before upgrading, the more you will get for your money.
    The only thing that the current build may struggle with is the security cams.

    I would suggest leaving it until you want to upgrade your main machine, then using the current one as a server.
  8. Also, WHS v2 will be a full 64-bit OS (I am beta testing it) that will take advantage of more than 3.25GB of memory (current WHS v1 is 32-bit).
  9. I just downloaded Vail myself thanks for info Colgeek I gonna run this until it becomes GA
  10. xred said:
    I just downloaded Vail myself thanks for info Colgeek I gonna run this until it becomes GA

    If it is half as good as v1, it will be a huge winner. Have fun!!!
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