P7p55d-e Pro audio stopped working

So maybe two weeks ago my P7p55d-e Pro started outputting little bursts of static from the speakers. Seeing as it was fairly occasional, and being lazy, I didn't do much about it, as the sound still worked. Coincidentally I had changed sleep state from Auto to S3 in BIOS but I don't think this is related.

Then today I restarted and none of my audio worked. I can make the audio route through my HDMI jack still, but none of the VIA audio works. All the mixer levels in W7 show right. Neither front jack nor rear jack route any sound.

Any ideas? I called Asus today and they suggested that I RMA pretty quickly, which kind of suggests that the board is bad. I'm just a little surprised because it's worked fine for about a year now.

Any ideas? Thoughts? I've tried rebooting and disabling/re-enabling the VIA audio adapter, but no dice.

Thank y'all very much!
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  1. the sad part is that within the last week or two, tons of people (myself included) have lost sound for this mobo...
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