Suggestions for a full sized ATX case

I am looking to replace my current case (CoolerMaster Centurion RC332 Elite Black) with something much better and bigger.

Things I really would like in a new case (I can work around these a little):

140mm fans (120mm is ok)
Side mounted HDD bays (I really don't want to have to pull the HDD into the case to remove it) This is a really really big thing for me and I would almost consider it a deal breaker if I needed to pull the HDD into the case to remove them (pulling them out through the front via hotswap or something else is just fine).
Full size ATX (my current mid tower is very hard to work with as the GFX card is smack up against the back of the HDD's so to remove a HDD I need to remove the GFX card)

Things that are nice to have:

Bottom mounted PSU blowing/sucking out the bottom of the case (seems like a good idea rather then blowing/sucking hot air into the case)
Cable management (whether that is clips or being able to run cables beind the motherboard mounting plate, I don't have any great need that cables must be unseen but a nice to be able to do thing)
Front mounted USB and audio ports (very handy)

Things I don't like/want (can work with these if needed):

Flashing coloured LED's (besides power/activity lights) I really don't like my case lighting up the whole room at night with some crappy LED light show.
See through side panel (I don't see the point, my case is on the floor between two desks, noone is going to be able to see inside)
Mesh/grills (these seem to eat dust particularly on the front)
Front intake fan (this goes with the mesh in that it seems to really suck alot of dust into the system)

Cases that I think meet my needs:

Corsair Obsidian Series 700D
Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

newegg link|11-139-001^11-139-001-TS%2C11-139-002^11-139-002-TS%2C11-119-214^11-119-214-TS%2C11-163-091^11-163-091-S01%2C11-163-089^11-163-089-S01

What do people have to suggest? Are the one's I have looked at good choices? Is there something else I should be looking at considering?
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  1. Emerald said:

    Thanks Emerald, those hot swap bays look like they could be handy if needed. Shame they are only SATA-2 but I guess someone will probably release and updated version sooner or later.
  2. Well asside from those cases, I've always used Lian-Li or heard good things about them. They really seem to fit what you like, bottom mount, easy cable management, a couple 140mms and powder coated black so that's pretty sweet.
    The only negative, it's not painted on the inside :P It is 80$ cheaper (not including shipping) than your other choices though.

    Lian-Li A71F:

    Of your choices the obsidian is the case I'd choose, either one.

    Another option, a lot of builders seem to like this one, the Cooler Master ACTS 840. Although the inside isn't black it's ideal for future water-cooling if you ever want to. It has an aluminum body like the Lian-Li. Plus it has 2x230mm top exhaust fans and a 230mm intake fan with another 120mm rear exhaust. It's also got a lot of extras. You should really check the ACTS 840 out actually. Great reviews.
  3. aznshinobi said:

    The Lian-Li is certainly a nice looking case and the powder black looks like it would be more finger print resistant.
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