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Hi so im build a gaming computer and im wondering if you guys can help me pick a motherboard that runs dual x16 for sli with x16/x16 config, i know there isnt a big increase in performance but its just something i want thanks. oh and what power supply would i need to run 2 gtx 570 in sli
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  1. I would really love to see the answer to this, I've been trying to pick a mobo also and this whole x16x16 thing is really messing with my head and my choices
  2. I dont think its possible with the LGA1155 (Sandy Bridge) series of Motherboar/chipsets.

    I cannot speak for LGA1366.

    Here is a thread where they talked about this exact thing:


    Apparently, this functionality will be included in the LGA2011 X68 series that are supposed to come out later this year.

    I have checked all of the top of the line 6 series (P67,H67, and Z68) Asus and Gigabyte motherboards (I read their manuals) and none of them support x16/x16 speeds for a dual graphics card setup.

    if you use 3 graphics cards, you can use x8/x16/x16, but people have been saying that the Sandy Bridge graphics core can cause instability and latency issues when you do this.

    honestly, it sounds like you are stuck with X8/x8 until the next boards come out.

    If I were you would I get a nice $125 motherboard, and JUST ONE of the GTX-570s.... wait until the next batch of motherboards come out, sell the motherboard you own for however much you can get, then buy the new motherboard and 2nd graphics card.

    if you wait long enough you can even save some money on the graphics card, and if you can recoup some of your losses on the motherboard (when you sell it) you may be able to minimize the cost of "jumping the gun"
  3. The MSI Big Bang Marshal board does 16x/16x. It's currently available here in the UK for £250 from aria.co.uk. It also supports 4-way at 8x/8x/8x/8x :D
  4. GIGABYTE Z68X-UD7-B3 supports 16x/16x @ SLI. It is 1155. but a bit pricey.
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