Installed an SSD into my notebook - Low memory error message


I have put a SSD...Sandisk extreme 128GB into my notebook which is the acer aspire 722. I keep getting the windows message that i am low on memory. Does anybody have any ideas to stop this? I get it maybe every 10 - 15 minutes regardless of what i'm running.

some stats that may be useful

Physical memory (Mb):

total: 1770
Cache: 367
Available: 369
Free: 222

Kernal memory:

Page: 131

On system i have around 1555/1770

many many thanks,
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  1. Did you receive this message before the new HDD?
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the responce. No only after the SSD was installed.

  3. Hey sorry for the late reply. I see no one else has replied to you. Have you solved your issue? This would be hard for me (at least) to help determine without looking at it. Did you receive this error even after a fresh install of Windows?
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