WD Scorpio 500G laptop HDD sometimes recognized by Desktop

Hello Guys,

I ordered a WD scorpio 500GB hdd from flipkart . I wanted a desktop hard disk but i mistakenly ordered the laptop one .

Its a SATA HDD [WD scorpio 500g] and can be connected to the motherboard normally as all other sata hdd .


My motherboard bios recognizes the hard disk one time and if i reboot the system then it doesn't recognizes the HDD and then if i again reboot the system it recognizes the hard disk again and then next time it doesn't ....

I wasted more than 24 hours of my time to look out the problem . Also the HDD works good in my laptop .

MY desktop Specs :

--Asus P5S MX SE motherboard [never updated the bios]
--Core 2 Duo
--2GB graphic card
--2 x sata ports [3gbps]
--techotech SMPS [450W]

Please help me with this .

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  1. This is my first question to Tomshardware , any help would be appreciated !!
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