Dell inspiron 6000 CMOS battery replacement

My Dell Inspiron 6000 won't boot, no video, HD spins, fan runs, plugged into AC power supply and battery is fully charged. Unit is 5 1/2 years old, so I suspect the CMOS backup battey may be TU. Need procedure to replace it.
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  1. Do you hear any beeps?
  2. Hi kg61

    The Dell web site has good documentation for dismantling most of it's PC's & laptops and how to find and replace components.

    It is unlikely that a flat or dead cmos battery would prevent bootup

    On some older PC's the cmos battery is a re-chargable miniture nicad battery rather than a lithium button cell

    Do you have a spare screen to plugin to check if the laptop screen has failed ?
    or has diverted all output to the VGA port ?

    Mike Barnes
  3. I thought of that too, will try the video on the outtput port, but by watching the HD activity LED, unit does not appear to be booting at all.
  4. hell_storm2004 said:
    Do you hear any beeps?

    Hell, no beeps.
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