Intel Xeon L3406 - HTPC Perhaps?

So I won this processor from a CS:S LAN event and figured I'd build a HTPC out of it. After doing a bit more research I find that this CPU is mostly used for power saving at only 30 TDP. I also read that the onboard GPU is disabled. Can I use this CPU to make a decent HTPC? If not what can I build using it?

Intel® Xeon® Processor L3406
(4M Cache, 2.26 GHz)


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  1. HTPC would be good (very robust) but you would need some quiet cooling for it, you don't really want a noisy HTPC, or you could use it as a sturdy server.
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    That is meant to go in to servers as energy costs are relevant in that market. But never the less, you should be able to use this as a fine HTPC CPU. Note that unlike the i3, this CPU has Turbo.

    At that TDP, you could get a good heatsink and a VERY slow/quiet fan like a Gentle Typhoon to cool it. You may also be able to passively cool it using a big heatsink,etc. I know in most of these 1U servers these CPUs are passively cooled.

    Note: Although the CPU it self doesn't have a fan, the rack itself has fans.
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  4. Thanks Shadow! Exactly what I was looking for. Marked as best answer.

    Not sure about the case yet but think I'll pair it up with the H55 mobo:
  5. ^ That should work. But just call/email Gigabyte to be sure that the Xeon will work. 90% of the time it will/should work. But you never know.
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