What damage could happen with wronge graphic card

if i use any graphics card in my pc it will damege my mother bord my pc pentiam d ,3.4 mhz, intel 512 ram
pleace reply me
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  1. Well, normally if you have the wrong GPU, it won't even fit in socket, you would have to force it in, and then you probably ruined your motherboard if you did that.

    The only other way it could be wrong is if you don't have a good enough PSU, or the wrong connectors.

    So no, "any" graphics card will not damage your motherboard, using the wrong one and doing something.... really stupid, will. What is your motherboard exactly? The model name and that.
  2. We need to know more about your system. With a Pentium D your motherboard may have an AGP slot which will limit what cards you can use. Also your ram is very low for gaming if that is your goal. Tell us the brand/model of your computer at least.
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