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my computer has a M4A785-M motherboard with integrated video card ati radeon hd 4200. When i put the computer together i put in a hd 5670(512mb) and never even installed the drivers or anything for the integrated yet when i check my video ram it says 1.9gb total 1.4gb shared. So does this mean the integrated card is still being read i only ask because the settings that starcraft 2 reccomends is medium even for the option where it says based on amount of video ram medium being at 256mb and high being 512mb

i was also curious if i could somehow use both the integrated and dedicated card so i could actually have 1gb+ of video ram
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  1. the IG is being read but not in use, its not a big deal if everything works fine.

    SC2 will recommend settings based on may things including monitor resolution, CPU, and system RAM. That being said, just because it states medium does not mean you have it play it in medium settings.
  2. well thats good its not being read but its still kind of annoying guess ill have to play around with the options
  3. you can always go into BIOS and turn it off, if you have that option.
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