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Recently intel has released the Z68 chipset whitch has Smart Responce technology in it, witch somehow combines your hdd drive and ssd drive to make your system run faster if you have a very small ssd and a resonably size hdd. since i have a small but fast ssd and a 1tb hdd this would be very helpfull. I have for some time now been updating my gaming rig to the new i7 2600k. The p67 chipset works better for gamers like me and Smart Responce is not available on it. Because Smart Responce sets up your ssd as your system cache basicly than can I use windows ready boost since it does the same thing the same thing and get the same boost in my system speed? Thank You :p
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    It's better to use a ssd without SRT. Especially if your spending enough for a i7, I don't see why you wouldn't get a 60gb+ ssd. A ssd alone can reach its max performance immediately rather than be limited by SRT deciding what needs to be cached off the hdd and then being used off the ssd. Without SRT you also have direct control over what files go on the ssd, so you can put the files you want on it, rather than some program trying to figure out what you use/want on it. P67 is not better for gamers than z68, they perform exactly the same on games but offer different features, none that games need.
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