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hello everyone: (i hope i didnt post this twice im new and didnt think i did it right the first time (Sorry if i did ))
i am trying to fix this computer for my kids.
error saying not supporting pixelshading 2.0
can i update the drivers to fix this or do i need to buy one.
this is a dell dimension 3000 with intel extreme graphics 2. the machine is about 5 years old.
i wont update untill i know because the only way i know how is to purchase driver detective. money is tight so i dont want to until i know if its worth buying. please help
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  1. I would say no you cant update it
    You need a dedicated GPU.

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    You could download the newest driver, but its not going to give you pixelshading 2.0 support (that chip/card just doesn't support it). Sounds like you don't need to good of a graphics card, you could get away with something really cheap like a 30 dollars GPU.

    The mobo in that PC should be the Intel 865 GV, and it looks like it only has PCI slots, no APG or PCI-e.

    Something like this should suffice.
  3. If it's the desktop then it may have this motherboard in :- and if it does then you will only have the choice of PCI cards, not a very long or interesting list really.
  4. Helltech proving my point quite nicely there. ;)
  5. Yeah, there isn't much you can do. Your motherboard lacks a real graphics port and PCI video cards are both weak and overpriced. They aren't really worth the money.
    You say money is tight which I can understand but you should consider trying to save up a bit and build new system when you have a bit of money. Even for under $200 you can build something a lot better than you have now with onboard graphics that are much better and allow you to play all games that are around 3+ years old or let you add a real video card for current games.
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  7. thanks for all the advice everyone. your all a godsend!
    the diagram of the motherboard was 100% accurate when i opened and compared the machine.
    the purchase of a GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit for the pci slot is going to be the best solution for us.
    at about $40 to $50 that makes the most sence. much better then a few houndred. although i will start to make a plan on getting a better system also. may take awhile but is probable the best solution for the future.
    THANKS AGAIN every one. you have been more helpful then i could have ever imagined.
    i come from a small town with a population of 185 and the local computer guy wanted a large sum just to look at it without doing anything to it.

    once again all you guys are a GODSEND !!!!!!!!!!
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