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I have been on here for some time for info on what and what not to buy. I have all the parts and just ordered them from newegg and tiger direct.

I have one last question and it seems like it will sound pretty stupid to the pros on here.

Right now we have a wireless set up in out home. For increased internet speed I am wanting to run a cable directly from the router/modem to the computer which is two floors up. The cable has been run, but am now wondering if i missed a component on my computer.

Do I need any other parts for my computer to acess the internet? Thats my main question - Do I need a modem or something else in the computer itself?

Sorry for the basic question, I cannot find this answer anywhere, probably because it is obvious to computer builders.

P.S. - This is my 3rd newbie question in a few days. I have a very limited computer background and my brother in law convinced me to build my own since I am wanting a 6 monitor set up and dont want the stock promo junk every other computer I have bought before has had. It has been fun doing the research and learning, but there are many things I have to learn. Thanks for all of the people helping on here.

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  1. No, you won't need any additional parts. The motherboard will have an ethernet NIC on it.

    Better that you ask the questions and get the answers than not ask and worry about it. :)
  2. Your motherboard will have an ethernet socket on it.
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