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I own an Asus gtx 295 and i want to give this whole 3D thing a try.I will have to buy the glasses and a monitor capable of 120 Hz, is that correct?So, assuming i get a monitor such as this one, will putting my games in 3D decrease my FPS compared to not having 3D enabled?

Also, i keep hearing that the new Acer GD245HQ is better than the samsung one, but it has even higher resolution(1920x1080)than samsungs.Will that monitor + 3D be too much for my 'lil' 295?

And a more general question: Do you 3Ders believe that it's worth the investment?
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  1. yeah you can expect your fps to literally cut in half, you could still probably play a few games in 3d, especially if it's overclocked, but you may have to drop a few settings, to do it, there was a review here on toms about 3d surround, and they said how setting where nearly as important, because the 3d effects were quite amazing, but as of now i think they said only 6 games are really game ready, several more are in an inbetween stage
  2. So, especially with the 1920x1080 120hz one.. i will be having some heavy issues with most of the latest games?I don't know, going to cost around 500euros for a monitor & the glasses.. and on top of that you get half the performance, is it really worth it?
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    well if your gaming on a 60hz monitor, really your just leting your card spread it's wings, i know i have a 275 aka half a 295, and pretty much it would get 60+ fps solid on pretty much all the newest games, so most likely you'll be able to achieve 60fps. really your rendering 120 fps, it's just that each eye only recieve 60fps, you could check out toms recent 3d surround article which was posted a few weeks back, and the author really enjoyed it, but it is a subjective article instead of objective, since you can't benchmark fun

    but from my understanding, 6ish games, are completely ready to play, quite a few more are ready with a few minor problems, and nivida is working on making more games compatible, if anything even if the games aren't compatible, you still get a 120hz monitor assuming your on a 60hz, which would be an upgrade by itself, but it's your money your decision
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