Pc hangs..............

i have this pc
p4 3.66
1.5 gb ram
hd 4650 1gb
500 gb hdd
now the prob the pc hangs whenever i use internet for browsing ,dwnloading....etc
i also replaced the hdd , defraged disks ,checked the ram with memtest(passed with 0 errors),reinstalled xp ,but in vain , now wat the hell should i do...plz help
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  1. When is it hanging?
  2. Trying making sure your network drivers are installed correctly. If it only does this when you access the web, this could be your problem.

    Hope this helps.
  3. It is a litle slow but should be fine just for browsing. I have a spare P4 1.8 just for My GF to use for internet and to watch movies on.

    Are you using windows (which version) or Linux (in which case I know know very little)?

    Have you downloaded updates?
    Are you running a million things in the background?
    Have you run a "good" virus scan?
    Try Malwarebytes.
  4. its windows xp sp3 updated......i reinstalled the os ......so its not a software related i think.........
  5. Check , make sure you have all the necessary drivers for your components
  6. all the drivers are up to date ......i hear this random ticking noise(like the clock) from the case(its not hdd ...for sure) .....what could it be.
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