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New here hoping fore some help, heres my gamin computer propose....

Intel Core i7 930 2,8GHz / 8MB / 4,8GT/s Socket 1366 (Boxed) 2790:-

Asus - Socket 1366 - ATX Intel X58 (P6X58D-E) 2140:-
Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1600MHz 6GB CL 8-8-8-24 1699:-


SSD Intel X25-M G2 80 GB 1900:-

Hardisk Samsung Spinpoint F3 TB 600:-

DVD LG CH08LS10 ?? 750:-

Corsair Obsidian 800D Big Tower Svart

PSU Corsair CMPSU-750HX 750W 1290:-

Processor cooling Corsair Cooling Hydro H70 CPU-kylare 940:-

Prices are in swedish crones, is this propose a good future investment i .
The Intel I7 920 is not for sale in sweden no more , but you can find it in some stores.

Is the I7 930 a better proc than the 920 ? When the 920 arrived it had very high rankings.
If i can find a I7 920 to a very good price, shoud i go for it ?
I mean is there there big power differents to the 930, i could always youse the turbo bost to power
it upp if Y need to.

Is Intel gone release some new processors soon ? Shoud y wait bying ?

Whele this newbuild is geting me some headaic, but i hope You god people
gone help me.
Please be free to sudjust any other solutions in the one y have chosed in my
computer case.
Im gone rune to graficcards in the future

Im sorry for my bad English!

ThX a lot

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  1. If you could switch the PSU for the "XFX black edition 750w" you'd be getting better efficiency. 930 is a bit better in that it will always be a D0 revision (overclock well), whereas the 920 may not be.

    That Corsair 800D is a bad aircooling case, consider switching to something like the HAF 932..
  2. ^ no don't listen to that PSU change.

    Keep the corsair HX850 (no offense dude)

    And I agree with the case, the 800D/700D cases are really bad if you are doing air cooling, water is the way to with that. Get a Haf 922/932

    An i7 930 vs an i5 750 in gaming the same so go down on that.

    i5 750,



    CPU cooler,
  3. NH-D14 is much better than the h50/70
  4. Why not the PSU?

    750 watts is more than enough, it's 100$ cheaper, modular. I don't see why you wouldn't go for it. Same and occasionally 1/2 percent better efficiencies.
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