EVGA GT 240 or BFG 8800GTS OC Extreme?

I currently have an eVGA GeForce GT 240 1GB DDR3 (model #01G-P3-1236-LR) installed in my computer (custom, AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8GHz, 2GB PC2-6400 RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate) and it seems to run things fine (FarCry 2 is kinda slow on Med-High).
My friend sold me a graphics card cheap I was going to resell but I'm wondering if what he gave me is better than what I currently have. The card is a BFG GeForce 8800GTS OC Extreme 640MB 320-bit edition (model #BFGR88640GTSEEOCE).
I know the GT 240 is newer and supports DX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.1 but which card is faster as far as raw performance?
I plan on eventually getting a better one but since I have 2 and 1 might be better than the other, why not use the other?
Please advise.
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  1. they are basically the same in raw performance.

    P.S. why buy a card to resell?
  2. The GPU hierarchy chart has the 8800 in the tier above your 240, I would say that makes them about the same, in that I don't think you'll see much of a difference in general performance but there are those who would say it's much better and faster as its a tier above.
  3. Thank you guys for your replies.
    Basically confirmed what I thought but I wanted to be sure.
    ct1615 - I bought the card for $30 to help my friend get some cash and I knew I could sell it on eBay for the same if not more than that...

    Thanks again.
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