Core i5 760 versus core i7 930

What is better, core i5 760 or core i7 930
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  1. I7 930! The I5 760 is though cheaper and if gaming is what the use is going to be just as good.
  2. Depends entirely on what you want to do with the CPU and, by extension, the computer.

    In terms of pure specs and like-for-like comparison, the i7 930 is better.
  3. i5-760 for gaming, i7-930 for most other things.
  4. With both at stock, the i5 760 will be better than the 930 at many things due to an aggressive turbo setting . . . as long as one or two cores are busy . . . like gaming. After that, the 930 pulls away.

    i750 vs 920:
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