What to do when system shows warning related to hard drive

sir,when i turn on my computer a message flashes"warning there were problems detected during this boot,it can be viewed on event log page
warning:problem with the hard drive has been detected"
after this step there is message windows is restoring files
finally there is message "a hard disk problem is preventing window from starting"
after this step i cannot go any further.please help me this problem
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  1. Buy a new hard-drive, install Windows on that. You may be able to get your data from the old drive if you connect it as a secondary in the system, as long as the issue is not too bad.
  2. In the event that the curre3nt hard drive starts to work and you can get into Windows the first thing you need to do is make an image of the OS on another drive so you can save your personal files. Then you could run chkdsk and see what errors it finds and if it could fix them.
    If it don't start then you could get another drive and load Windows on it and connect the old drive and try to recover your personal files with a file recovery program.
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