Laptop wont turn on is PSU broken


For some reason my laptop wont turn on. I have pressed the battery button at the bottom of my laptop and it tells me I have 60% battery and I have also tried to use another AC adaptor as my friend has the same laptop but still my laptop will not turn on.

Before when the power button was pressed a blue LED light would light up on the power button but now nothing, no sound, no lighting up.

Any suggestions on what it could be? I have read it may be the PSU but i have no idea how to check this is the case.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. try removing the battery and just using the ac adaptor. Sometimes a faulty battery can cause this. Once you have tried that, nad another ac adaptor, then it is most likely the motherboard which is at fault. Some laptops have a separate circuit board for the power which would be cheaper than replacing the motherboard.
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