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Hi all,

Been doing some reading and have come away with more questions than answers. My new parts should be here today, and I'm starting from scratch. Using a 3570 on an MSI z77ma-g45 board, planning to run win7 64. My question is this: I got a good package deal on a 1TB 7200rpm HDD and 30g Corsair SSD. I know that the SSD is a bit small, but given the price point I hopped on it. What is the best way to set these drives up with a FRESH install?

I will use the rig primarily for gaming, and it stays on approx 24/7. Games are usually WoW, with lesser preference to LoL and/or Steam; main priority is speed in WoW.

The 30g size means that I could either:

1) Install WoW entirely on the SSD, and have my OS and everything else on the mech drive.
2) Install the OS on the SSD, and WoW/everything else on ths mech.
3) Set up some kind of cache/SRT (if my mobo supports it, not sure on that)
4) Pick up another SSD in the near future and run the SSDs in RAID-0 and use the mech as backup.
5) Some other option that I didn't list, because I'm pretty novice at this.

Of the above, what would give me the best speed, reliability, drive longevity, etc? Is SRT something I should look into, instead of a dedicated "X goes on SSD, rest on HDD" approach?

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  1. Since you have the 30gb SSD that size is perfect for the hard drive caching setup where the SSD is used as a cache for the larger mechanical hard drive. In gaming the SSD has only one benefit and that is that the maps will load faster. So putting a game only on the SSD will not impact the gameplay and putting the OS on a 30gb SSD with Win 64 is not good because you will be out of space in no time. Even a 64gb SSD is not good for the OS and I have done it so I do have experience there. The 64gb filled up in a very short time so getting another 30gb is mot a good idea.
    So I would look inyo your option 3 and the hard drive/SSD caching.
  2. Entire purpose of SSD's that small is caching, so thats what I advise you do. As mentioned above, 30GB just isnt enough to put anything significant on it.
    Intel SRT was introduced with the Z68 platform, so it will be on the Z77.
    Heres a video on Intel SRT.
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