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Hello, I would like to know what graphics card I should get. I had a GeForce 9600 XFX but it locked up on me in 2 years. I installed it in my PCI Express slot. Not sure if I want to go with NVidia anymore or go w/ Raidon. Is my motherboard even compatible with ATI or do I have to stay SLI.
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  1. You don't HAVE to have Nvidia if you have an SLI motherboard. If you are using SLI however, then yes, you have to use an SLI motherboard.

    From your post I can't really tell if you are using SLI or not. Regardless if you do have an SLI motherboard, I see no point in not upgrading with Nvidia (unless cost is a factor). That way you can go SLI in the distant future.

    So what is your price range? Do you plan on using SLI in the future? What are your needs (max settings in crysis or medium settings in WoW) and what resolution do you mainly play at?

    How much you looking to spend? The 460's will be out on tuesday if you're in the market for a 200 dollar card

  2. +1 460, looks to dominate in every aspect.
  3. Yeah, your motherboard should handle a single ATI card just fine. You just wont be able to use 2 at once.
    To make a proper recommendation we need more information about your system like the processor, power supply and native resolution as well as your budget.
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