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Hello, I built my system over a year ago and everything was running great until I moved houses. Ever since ive been in my new house I have had a weird interference problem.
The problem occurs seemingly randomly, and some kind of intereference locks up my wireless keyboard and mouse, at the same time it causes my stereo to buzz for 1 to up to 10 seconds at a time. I have unplugged all of the accessories and still get this buzz, Ive hooked my stereo up to just an ipod and unplugged my computer and get no interference. Its only when the computer is on that this happens.
Any ideas as to what may be causing the interference/crackling? I'm thinking it may be my powersupply, but ive never heard of anything like this happening. Its especialy puzzling because its so sporatic, and I cant reproduce it. Ive tried wiggling every wire in the comp, putting the cpu under load. I can't trigger it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advace
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  1. Do you own a blackberry/iphone/wifi enabled smartphone? These make that noise all the time.
  2. There's almost nothing in your computer that could cause that interference and as festerovic said.. is probably a phone causing the noise.

    If it's not really a buzz, but just a crackle randomly make sure your 3.5mm audio jack from your speakers to your PC is properly in and of good quality. I've just got a new cable for my system because it would randomly drop bass or crackle and it's a poor or broken speaker cable causing it.
  3. Is it like a rhythymic beat? dit/dit dit dit/dit dit dit?
    its just a mobile phone syncing with the motherships locator beams :) I get it all the time if my phones too close to the pc speakers
  4. If it's actually the speakers making the noise and not just a poor connection, I'd agree it's a phone.
  5. onboard or discrete sound?

    have you tried reseating devices?

    is your PSU now plugged into a 4-gang that it wasn't before?

    does the stereo make this occasional noise when playing from another source, but with the PC still on?
  6. Was definitely not my cell phone, if the phone was the case it would have been making the noise before the move. After some trouble shooting I determined it had to be the house wiring. Turns out the hot wire on to the breaker in the panel was loose, thus some very small arcing was occurring and generating the interference.

    Thanks of the input
  7. now that your problem is fixed, congrats. I would also like to say that the cell phone is fing ridiculous and I hate it. What a QA fail on behalf of the entire industry. Seriously, they make a practical joke device that you can hide, that makes that sound every 5 minutes. I went batsh1t at work when coworkers stuck one in my office. They are magnetic! Beware! They fit places you would never guess!
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