Disabled system restore on SSD; any alternative method for restoring?

Hi all, I have a Samsung 830 SSD (Windows 7 drive) and I disabled system restore because I read that it can interfere with TRIM. I also have a 1tb storage drive. Is there a way to create restore points for my SSD using my storage drive?
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  1. 1) use the win7 build-in backup your SSD disk-imaging.

    2) Other backup software does the same too, you can goole it.
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    1. The Microsoft Windows 7 backup and restore feature does not interfere with the TRIM command triggered by Windows 7 when you delete data from an ssd. A few years ago disabling the backup and restore feature was a way to save space on a small capacity ssd. It was also considered a way to reduce the number of writes to an ssd. Back then little was known about wear leveling, garbage collection, and the life expectancy of an ssd.

    2. Use the Windows Control Panel to change the backup and restore settings. Switch from the ssd to the hard disk drive. You can also set it to automatically do a backup to your hard drive. I have mine set to do a backup every Sunday morning. It does it in the background while I do other stuff. No muss! No Fuss! No bother!.

    3. You can also go to the Control panel and make a disk image and an emergency startup disk. I highly recommend doing it.
  3. Thnx, will do Johnny
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  5. is this still relevant considering the improvement of firmware?
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