Connecting desktop to encrypted wireless network with converted WAP

Hey everyone! I'm trying to connect my custom-built desktop (without wireless card) to an already-existing WAP-encrypted wireless network, and having a bit of trouble. I have worked tech support at my university but always on a case-by-case basis, and my experience with networking is moderate at best (no formal classes). As I understand it, the setup is a little complicated-- so here's a rundown:

At my house we have a wired cable router (let's call it 'Fatty') attached to the wall with a coaxial, in turn connected via an ethernet cable to an apple airport extreme wireless router (henceforth 'steve jobs'). This broadcasts the encrypted wireless network throughout our house using the 10. range. Because the primary router is cable, there are no hardwired ethernet jacks in the house, which I otherwise could have used to connect a second router near my desktop. A second router a netgear wgr614 v6, let's call it 'Jimbo', sits downstairs from Fatty and Steve Jobs, next to my desktop tower, and out of cable-range.

My goal, as I understand it, is to convert Jimbo into an Access Point to relay the signal from the encrypted network to my desktop, which is connected to Jimbo via LAN ethernet cable.

Steps I have taken so far:
1. Turned off Jimbo's DHCP
2. Set the router to automatically obtain IP address and DNS from ISP
3. Disabled Wireless Router Radio and SSID Broadcast (couldn't hurt?!)

Despite these three actions, the router's own IP address, subnet mask, and DNS are, NOT within Steve Jobs' 10. IP range, and as I understand it, the router's way of saying "WTF am i!?"

I have read that it might be necessary to make the SSID the same as the wireless network I am attempting to connect to. I think I did this earlier and I had to reset the router because it got confused. Perhaps this has something to do with Steve Jobs' encryption.

I have also read that it is necessary to establish the same IP-range for the subordinate WAP (Jimbo). Currently the default is 192.168, not SJ's 10. I attempted to change this earlier and don't quite remember what happened.

I guess at its essence this is a relatively simple question--how do i get my desktop computer to connect via an access point to an already-existing wireless network?--but there are various confounding factors including the different IP ranges, the encryption, and the inability to actually plug the router into an ethernet jack.

Am I going about things in the right way? I have a tendency to get confused in these matters. What else can I try, and is this even possible?

Sorry this is so much text--as a former tech support guy I know the importance of details, but as a casual reader of various fora (forums?) I also know the importance of brevity.

Anyhow, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. For the proposed system to work (one router relaying the signal from another) both routers will need to support WDS -- and it helps if they are both the same brand. Apple stuff is usually a pain anyway so I would not be optimistic.

    Best bet may be to use the Netgear to extend wireless coverage, connected to Apple by ethernet. This may help:
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