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Hello everyone

i'm currently looking to upgrade my cpu and motherboard due to current motherboard dying (i'm looking for a replacement for it as well since i can then pass it off to other family but thats a whole another story).

anyways the more research i do the more i get confused. i'd like a six core intel but thats way out of my price range. even their quad cores are awefully expensive so i started looking at some amd chips. i have a amd athlon x2 4ooo or something like that. its like a 2ghz single core cpu but its a strong sucker. in fact when i first bought my current one i couldn't figure out why the it was faster than the e6600 but then after searching found out my motherboard was only using one core, needed a firmware upgrade to enable the use of both.

anyways i started looking at the six core amd chips and for like 260 y ou can get a 3.2ghz black edition one, although i read somewhere black editions are for over clockers and don't come with fans and such the description clearly stats it comes with heat sink and fan so i am confused on that some. there's also a 2.8 ghz one thats cheaper but i can't recall the price off hand.

now i started running into mentions that the six core would actually preform slower than a lower priced quad core and to me that just sounds bad but their argument is that when the six core is not being taxed it shuts down 3 of them so in fact you have a trio core where that don't happen on a quad core. i found a 3.5ghz quad core for 180 amd a 3.4 for 159 so i'm tring to determine whats the best option for me given that money is a factor otherwise i'd got for top of the line 1k intel chip, no thats not true i don't think i could every get myself to justify that kind of money.

anyways i rarely play intensive games, in fact my game of choice right now is a texted or point and click brower game called samurai of legend so you know its not taxing my system at all. i do like the fallout games but haven't played them recently. i don't typically like the first person shooters as they give me headaches.

i do occasionally do video encoding or re-encoding and i tend to play hd video files most are 720p but i've played some 1080p but those approach the limits of my machine if i am doing anything else. and since no one knows me here i rarely only do one thing at a time, and right now this is killing me to only have one monitor going on my pc due to the motherboard dying.

i tend to have a hd video playing in vlc going on one monitor then on the other i do my stuff. i'll have newsgroup down loader going or extracting my files, etc, browsers open and such, sometimes i'll have a anti virus scan going in the background and such and once in a while i'll try doing all the above and do some video encoding. my machine handles all that fairly well and has preformed very good for me. when i throw the encoding in on top of everything else i do have more problems than normal so normally i'll start the encoding, and newsgroup downloads and watch a video (720p normally) and i'll turn off one monitor and lay-down and watch tv.

ok now that you all know typically how i use the pc is a six core worth the money for me or would overall i get better performance from the quad core.

and remember i'm coming from an intel dual core e6600 so i'm thinking even the amd quad core is going to be a huge increase for me. right now my dual core is 2.4 and if i go for a amd quad its probably going to be the 3.5ghz.

please i'll take any suggestions, especially if its a good comparable motherboard, unfortunately though due to money reasons i won't be getting more than 4gigs of memory, right now i have 6gigs of ddr2 which don't seem to be available on those cpu motherboards but then i am not sure i'd want to find one that would use it. even now i never use more than 3.5gigs of that unless i am running virtual pc's that auto take and use the ram which i rarely do.

i don't plan on upgrading anything other than the cpu, motherboard, and ram. depending on overall price i might get a new case so i can pass my current pc when i get a replacement motherboard off to a family member.

my video card i think is more than adequate for me, if i recall its a geforce 9200 gts 1gig of memory.

i currently have 4 sata hard drive and plan on buying 1 more 2tb Western digital and only one or two hard drives would even be connected in the new pc, one will migrate to the family member and two will be used in external enclosure or an external dock, which i've been looking at since i made the mistake of lending my 500gig external drive to my sister for a week about 6 months ago.

anyway any idea and suggestions and clarification would greatly be appreciated.


ryan g shaffer
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  1. Since you only occasionally encode videos go with the quad core. If you are in the US something like this
  2. thats that similar to what i was looking at. was looking at the cpu thats 180 and just slightly faster and a gigabyte motherboard can't recall which one.

    gigabyte is the only motherboard i've never had a problem with.
  3. Actually the 955BE is only $139 and is the best performance for the price of those quads. It will easily overclock to the level of 965/70BE with changing the unlocked multiplier.
    Gigabyte motherboards are good quality, as is Asus and MSI.
  4. I agree a quad core should be enough. If you want you could get an i7 system, which is a quad core with hyper threading (4 cores/8 threads) but that's around a $300 CPU. For a budget tho, the 955 or 965 are great. Intel's i5 760 is also really good (little bit pricier but faster than AMD)
  5. hello a couple of things.

    looking at the i7 2.8ghz quad core is roughly the same price as a amd hexa core at 3.2ghz.

    also i was looking for cpu news and it sound like at this time i might be better off just replacing the motherboard as i was planning on doing and holding off for the new cpu. it sounds like something amazing is coming very very soon.

    i wish i knew what time frame cause now i've gotten into the upgrade mode and that gets me antzy waiting. cause with pc stuff it never fails you buy now or wait as soon as you do you hear of something new coming.

    like when i bought my dual core intel chip. just after i bought it maybe two months quad cores was announced at cheaper prices but i justified my purchase that those was still way to expensive.

    i've had amd chips before and never really had a problem except with the original with i think the first agp tnt2 ultra, i had to get some kind of program that tricked the card into thinking i had a intel chip.

    hmm what was that a k3 chip, been so long ago, wonder what amd chip was out say 15 years ago.

    i have another amd pc, well ok i gave it to my sister when i condensed from two pc's to one. i think its a single core but it was like a 3ghz cpu or something. now that i think of it wonder if that motherboard would support a dual core amd. that might be an upgrade for them to a faster pc, guess i have to look into that, thats one thing i hear are good about amd chips you can usually upgrade the cpu and not have to worry about the motherboard where most of the time with intel its a whole new deal and most of the time your current ram has to be replaced as well.

    and is there really a big noticeable difference in ram speed that you can really notice. i have ddr2 ram and to be honest i don't see a difference in it over the prior ram other than i have much more.

    anyways i got off topic.

    does anyone know of any rumors of upcoming cpu releases or something

    the phrase below in the most recent cpu news article on the site has got me wondering if i should wait on the upgrade

    There's not much else to talk about at this point--well, nothing that we're allowed to talk about just yet--but I think it's safe to say that the near future will have some interesting surprises for the CPU enthusiasts out there. Keep your eye on Tom's Hardware!

    thanks again everyone
  6. Intel's Sandy Bridge should be coming out Q1 2011 AFAIK
  7. hmm so now i have to debate on what to do

    i'm sure the quad cores would be a real jump for me as i am using a core duo e6600 right now

    this is what i hate most about upgrading pc's its picking the cpu out, because until you get that figured you can't get much else
  8. A Core 2 quad is pretty good. Sure, there's the i cores and upcoming Sandy Bridge, but getting a good Core 2 quad is not a bad choice and won't require a full PC overhaul.

    I think the real question is what kind of budget do you have? If you can put $1500 on a sweet PC, or maybe even $1000, then I'd look at i5 760 right now. Sandy Bridge is nice but you can't really OC it unless you get a "k" version so I have to think the i5 760 can still beat it pretty bad in performance once OCed.

    If you don't want to spend much, $300 on the top Core 2 Quad and maybe a nice GPU will perform just fine for at least a couple years or more.
  9. well thanks eveyrone for the replies. but overall i think i've been talked out of upgrading right now, just replacing my motherboard for the current pc.

    when i get my tax refund and the car is fixed then i should be able to put in 1k give or take some for a new pc.

    had i upgraded now thought it would have been an complete overhaul since this one would have been given to my mother to replace her so so emachine single core system.

    hopefully the sandy bridge it out by that time even if not for buying one but making other options cheaper.

    it seems to me pc power and stopped some. we've reached that limit in hrz right now that we can keep cool without a redsign, so instead of going faster we just added more cores which is a good thing i guess.

    to remember back to my first packard bell, hahaha that was awful, and when i bought it it had the brand new high speed 2400baud modem.

    thanks for everyones help
  10. actually ur cpu is pretty solid for the next couple of months with just a bit of overclocking just change your mobo and gpu to something mre recent and that should do and nvideas gpus are bers for hd playback and encoding if u really want a good cpu i suggest a good low-end core-i7 or amd 's phenom II even the low end core i7 is pretty good aginst the highest of amd's phenom II black and since you dont do much gaming i suggest a 9800 gts for hd or ati's hd 5770 hope it helps (the gpu is good for hd as well as games)!!
  11. well guys here's an update

    got a new motherboard, spend hours yesterday putting it together, why hours you ask, well i did a real good cleaning, this damn thing looks like i could have just brought it home from the store, all nice and shinny.

    turned it on and what the heck same problem as the old one, maybe my old motherboard was not bad afterall, other than being from msi.

    so i am still in the same boat. with everything i've done and tried it only really leaves three things.

    1. bad dvi cable, trying to find another one around my house to test this, as right now i only have one dvi to dvi cable that i can find so there is no way to test this at the moment, i don' t think this is the problem but it could be.

    2 bad power supply, i thought of this that perhaps the power supply is not able to provide enough power, but i think i've dismissed this because i can have both monitors running (and not sure how much power requiremetns jump if any for a second monitor, they are not plugged into the pc so i'd think the card should be using the same power regardless of how i have two monitors connected. she right now i have two connected to it one via the hdmi and the other via vga. its working just fine except i can see the vga does not produce as nice of a display. so this kinda rules out the power supply i think.

    3. bad video card and this is the one i think is mostly likely. it just won't allow for two monitors to be connected this way now for some reason, not sure why and not sure why that would keep the pc from going at a min into the bios testing and such and only result in a no displya found and vanish then it says it again and vanish's and again and so one.

    and i don't have another card that has both a hdmi and dvi connection but i found another one thats got two dvi's that i am going to try. if for some reason it doesn't work i can update you all that might be another clue. so if no update soon its safe to assume i can connect both with the other card via dvi.

    this is really driving me nuts and i was already half way there to begin with
  12. Lemme see if I've got this ... you have:

    s775 MSI motherboard with e6600, 6GB memory, geforce 9200 gts (no such model desktop discreet video card, btw :) ) pushing 2 monitors - 1 DVI & 1 d-sub

    Your issue: computer will not boot with *no video found*

    so ...

    Can you boot the computer with a single monitor?

    If not, listen carefully for a *beep code*. A single long beep followed by several short beeps is indicative of a video malfunction.
  13. oooh looks like the video card try the on-board
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