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Hey everyone, I am trying to restore my girlfriends hard drive and I have it plugged in as my secondary drive and it shows up in windows explorer but when I click on it the computer just keeps thinking and cant access it. All I am trying to do is save the files off of it but I cant get into it. It shws in device manager but it wont load up when I click on it and I cant right click on it because it just sits and thinks. When I go into device manager same thing happens it wont load up. I downloaded a recovery program but when I try to load the program it freezes because it cant access that drive. Any ideas? Oh and its a serial ata drive from a laptop plugged into a pc. The drive shows up with a letter but when you click on the drop down arrow on the left it just sits and thinks.
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  1. Was the drive/laptop damaged/dropped/etc?

    If you open up computer management->storage management, does it show the drive as being formatted correctly? Is it's size being reported correctly?

    Can you feel the drive spin up when you attempt to access it?

    My suspicion is that the drive is dead/damaged, if that turns out to be the case, then data can still be recovered by sending the drive to a data recovery company, but those services do not come cheap (anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars).
  2. Well, it was never dropped, basically she was adding files to it and all of a sudden it went to a blue screen in windows and she couldnt access it after that. When I took it out of her laptop and plugged it into my pc as a secondary drive it shows it in windows explorer but doesnt show the size under it and when I click on it the computer just thinks. When I go into manage disk it just searches for a while and keeps thinking like its trying to access the hard drive but cant.
  3. Any grinding noises (or excessive noise) before the failure or after? If so, there could be disk surface damage (lost data, and more expensive to recover)
    Can you feel the drive try to spin up? (You may have to remove it from your PC while plugged in to check, or use a sata->usb adapter)

    I would guess that the repair costs on a dead motor or controller board would be less than 1000$ (probably a few hundred) if you sent it in for recovery. Most services (such as Drive Savers) will not charge you until they provide an estimate on recovery costs; if the data is irreplaceable/important, it's something to consider.

    Edit: I've heard of someone using a drill to spin drive platters and recover data once, but I think it's more likely you'd end up damaging the drive than recovering data. It maybe fun/worth-a-try if you have nothing to lose, but even a spec of dust can cause data loss, so don't expect it to work.
  4. No there was no noise prior to and no noise afterwards. I will check to see if it spins when I pull it out of the comp but leave it plugged in.
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