Is a rocket fish 500 PSU good for an i7 920 and an ati 5770?

HI people. I have had my CPU for about 2 years now and wanted to get a new chip...without spendind a ton of $$$. I was wondering if my focket fish 500W PSU could support and i7 920 and an ati 5700*overclocked. The box of my PSU says 600 PEAk and 500W continuous. Any suggestions?

Thanks Chumpoholic
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  1. It will run it although not a recommended brand.
  2. Will it run into any problems or does it meet the requirments for the proecessor. Because I couldn't find out how much intake the the i7 took.
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    Size wise it is big enough, meets the min requirement and some. The difference between CPU's is not drastic, it is more or less the GPU that dictates the size of the PSU. Here is a I5 system with HD5770 consuming 207watts under load,2446-15.html
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  5. actually believe it or not the new rocketfish 500 PSU is a CWT unit and is not half bad. you could do better but you could do a lot worse
  6. Go through the HardwareSecrets PSU reviews for all the Huntkey/Rocketfish models that burned and make sure yours isn't one of them.
  7. yeah, the old huntkey units best buy used where crap
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