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Haf 912 - 200mm or 2-120mm fans?

First off, I apologise if I posted this in the wrong section.

I recently purchased a Haf-912 case, and I'm slowly buying parts for my first build. I notice both the front and the top can take either one 200mm fan or 2 120s. Just a couple quick questions about this. I'm curious which would create the best airflow and which would be better for noise levels.

Can you guys toss me a couple recommendations for fans for the case? I'm building the case with Blue LEDs in mind but if there is a better fan without the LEDs I'll buy them.
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  1. I would do two front 120mm (intake) and one 200mm for the top (exhaust). This is a pretty standard setup for Antec cases and seems to work very well (bases on personal builds with Antec 1200 & Antec 300 Illusion).
  2. for noise I would go with the 200mm since they run at lower RPM but they are rather expensive.

    dual 120mm will probably move more air but we are not talking about a major difference

    I just got these 120mm and they run silent.

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    I have a 922 and I have found that airflow was a wash between two 120mm sickleflows and one 200mm megaflows air temps remained pretty even I stayed with the megaflow because I was able to get a dust guard on the door.I had used two dust gaurds running the 120's on the door but they where getting caught in the fans for some reason but the dust in most people's houses isn't as bad as mine is.
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