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Hello, I want to change my boot drive from a 1TB HDD to a SSD, and keep my HDD as a data drive. I have watched and read quite a few forum posts, however I am concerned that when downloading data in a multi drive setup their can be complications when the SSD is at max capacity? also will I have to purchase a new copy of windows 7 ultimate (if so then the upgrade is out of the question) and finally if i have all my large data files on my HDD can i still seamlessly (or as seamlessly as normal) accesses them? thanks
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  1. No, you wont need to get another copy of windows. Just install the same copy on the ssd and you will have no problems.

    You will not have any issues accessing files stored on your HDD. It is as simple as going to My Computer and opening the drive...from a user perspective all of the files you have on there will be treated like any other file on your system.

    As for your boot drive being at max capacity, I would just make sure you always have some free space. I usually keep around 20GB free...though I don't know how much is actually needed. (someone else who knows more about this may respond with that info) You will start running into problems if the boot drive is completely full, so just keep a bit of a buffer and you wont have any problems.
  2. Ok, You won't need a new version of Windows if you are installing it on the same system just a different hard drive.

    If you are downloading anything with a full hard drive, SSD, Floppy, USB still you will have issues. Can you please clarify this statement?
  3. Most people use the, SSD as the boot drive for the operating system, and also to stick there most common programs or games they run. You can still run the 1TB as a data drive
    My advice would be to buy a fair sized SSD 128Gb or 256Gb if price is not a problem 60Gb will go no where as windows 7 takes about 20gb straight away.
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