Gateway ZX6800 with intel G45 chipset - video card addition/replacement


I have a Gateway ZX6800-03 which is an all-in-one, but I believe it has a PC instead of a mobility chipset. It has:

*250W power supply
*intel G45/G43 chipset
*Intel GMA X4500HD integrated graphics

I was wondering two things:

1. Does anyone know how to safely open a Gateway ZX6800, in order to access the PCI 2.0 express slot? (I believe it is possible, just haven't gotten any solid instructions)

2. What model of graphics card would be appropriate and compatible? - looking to upgrade my gaming performance (either ATI or nVidia would be fine) I think it needs to be a low profile and low power card, but anything with dedicated memory is better than integrated graphics.

Gateway told me it was impossible to upgrade my all-in-one with a gpu with dedicated graphics, but I was wondering if anyone else had any answers. Thank you!
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  1. I do not see how you are going to get a discrete card in that thing
  2. I took mine apart and there is no way, the chip is on the mobo and the only expansion I saw was for a mini sata device. Although I did not take off the heatsink.

    Sad to have such a powerful machine bottlenecked severely by the graphics chip. But it is good at playing HD movies and everything video and multithreaded, it you need 3d though, it's over.
  3. Next time,register before posting.
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