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I recently purchased a 128gb SSD, that I intend to use as a boot drive. My system currently has 2-750gb hd's configured in RAID 0. Can I configure my storage drives in RAID 5 with the SSD as my C drive? Currently I am using the built in RAID controller on my ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard.
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  1. Yes you can. Depending on your sata ports and what you want pluged into what, you can have your raid drives connected to the sata2 ports and set the mode for raid and have the SSD connected to the sata 3 port and have the mode for that port selected as AHCI. If you have that option otherwise if all the sata ports have to be the same mode then the raid mode will work for both.
  2. Apologize if I'm stating the obvious, but you'll need another 750GB drive for RAID5 and will have a total capacity of 1.5TB.
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