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I got this barenone awhile back http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4408199&SRCCODE=WEBLET03ORDER&cm_mmc=Email-_-WebletMain-_-WEBLET03ORDER-_-Deals along with a 8600 gts to go along.
Im looking to upgrade my video card in order to be able to play the upcoming ffxiv. I was wondering which of these would play the game best: 9800 GTX+, GTS 250, HD 4850. And if they would go well with my system or if there's another card out there in this price range thats better than these.
Also, if I wanted to upgrade my cpu to a cheap quad core is there any way to check if your motherboard supports it, thx for any help
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  1. Reference Motherboard + Quad Core:

    The key is to see if your board is compatible with the Phenom II X4's (note the II). The original Phenom X4's aren't very good. If your motherboard will pair with the Phenom II's through a BIOS update or something, then you'd be golden. Pick up an inexpensive PII X4 945 or something similar.

    So far as video cards go:

    9800GTX+ = GTS250 (Basically the same video card for all intents and purposes)

    ATI 4850 is probably about the same performance level.

    What resolution will you be playing FFXIV at?
  2. The 9800GTX+ and the GTS 250 are exactly the same card, the GTS 250 just has a different sticker but the chips are identical. The 4850 performs about even with the GTS 250 so of those it doesnt much matter which of the three you pick. Whats your budget for a GPU? Could you fit in a 5770 in that budget? It would be faster and cooler than the 3 you have listed.
  3. The PSU in the bundle is not the best but still it is 450watts depending on the ampere rating on the + 12volt rail it might be sufficient to run the cards you mention which all perform similarly.
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