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I am planning to build my first gaming PC for around $2,000 early next year. I am currently leaning toward an Antec DF-85 case because I can swap up to four hard drives. My plan is to use an SSD for the Windows 8 operating system, two 1 TB hard drives (one will be used to store my games while the other for my music), and another hard drive that would serve as a backup for both my music, games, and a few photos and school files. Currently, I have a 2 TB external hard-drive with a USB 3.0 connection that stores around 0.22 TB of my music and other files. I have looked at the pros and cons between internal and external hard drives but am uncertain which way I should go.

1. Am I better off with an internal or external backup hard drive?

2. Should the backup hard drive have 2 TB or 3 TB of storage space?

Also, for the hard drive that will be used for storing and playing my games, is 7,200 rpm sufficient or should I go with 10,000 rpm?

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  1. the only "technical" benefit of having an external backup HD is the fact you can remove it from the premises pretty easily.

    other than that, it's the same physical device wrapped in an enclosure

    if cost is a factor, then stay with a 7200rpm drive
  2. If you want faster access for the backup drive then your better off with it being internal , if space in the case is a concern then an external drive can be used for a backup drive.
    I have used 10,00 rpm drives (Veloceraptor ) and they are very good and do give you a boost over the 7200 drives but the cost is a bit more so that's something you have to consider.
    A backup drive of 2 TB would be sufficient. Unless your planning on a tremendous amount of data being put on your storage drives.
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