Effects of putting a PCI 2.0 card in a 1.0 slot.

My birthday is coming up in a week and I would like to upgrade both my graphics card and my ram, but my fear was compatibility of the card in my system. I hear that 2.0 in a 1.0 is fine but that the output would be cut in half, and some others say it is not noticeable, any help with this?

The card I was looking at was the Nvidia Geforce 250 512-1gb.
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  1. GTS250 does not use the full bandwidth of a 1.0 slot so hardly noticeable difference.
  2. I see, one of the reasons I am so concerned is because I plan on buying Crysis and that is some serious...woo.
  3. It is only the very best cards like HD5970 that get bottlenecked by the 1.0 slot. Here you see a powerful card in 2.0 slot at different speeds http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/HD_5870_PCI-Express_Scaling/7.html running the card in x8 speed is similar to x16 in 1.x slot.
  4. I see, that's great. So the card should be compatible, right?
  5. Yes it is.
  6. Thank you very much.
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